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Thank you for your interest in Counter Craft Service Systems  & Products, Inc. Located in a western suburb of Chicago, we have been in business since 1986. Created for the purpose of selling the most durable and convenient expandable post binders available to the automotive parts store industry, Counter Craft has grown to include high quality fixed capacity binders, custom vinyl binders, catalog racks, and accessories.

Though our original customer was the automotive parts store, many other businesses, municipalities and even the U.S. Army have found the need for
Counter Craft products. Accountants, airlines, colleges, computer stores, construction companies, electric companies, fleet services, fire departments, hardware stores, libraries, locksmiths, manufacturers, municipalities, paint stores, paving companies, printing companies, realtor associations, tire stores, veterinary hospitals, over a dozen state automotive wholesalers associations, major automotive parts distributors nationwide such as, AllPro/Bumper to Bumper, AutoWares, AutoValue and Pronto use our products. Even the United States Army Armory Division at Fort Knox uses Counter Craft expandable post binders to store their technical manuals. The reasons for this is not that we offer the lowest initial cost expandable post binders, but that we offer the greatest value in binders over the many years of use our expandable post binders will perform. Not having to replace them saves you money. The ease of use is another great feature of our expandable post binders. Our exclusive one finger Roller Lok locking mechanism easily outperforms the competitions. Ease of use means your catalog changes takes less time, happen more timely, eliminates clutter and can translate into more sales as your counterpeople quickly and accurately find the information they are looking for.

Please click the buttons to the left to find the descriptions and prices for our selection of expandable post binders, fixed capacity binders, catalog racks and accessories. Custom vinyl binders obviously require a quote. Please call us so that we may supply your special needs.

When you are ready to order or if you have any questions regarding our products please call us at 1-800-872-0216 or e-mail us at
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