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Since 1986
All products are available in RED, BLUE, WHITE, and BLACK
except the metal tab indexes
Filing Sections are sold separately from Catalog Racks
Your Complete Source for
Custom Looseleaf Binders
and Vinyl Products
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Single Tier 8"
Catalog Rack Standard Black
Single Tier 12"
Catalog Rack Standard White
Single Tier 24"
Catalog Rack Standard Blue
Geneva Manufacturing, Inc.
Catalog Racks & Organizational Products
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Double Deck Lighted 48" Catalog Rack Standard Black
Shown with Light Unit
Double Deck 48"
Catalog Rack Standard Black
    Expandable Post Binders
    Poly-Slider Binders
    Salesman Carrying Binders
    Binder Cat Rack
    Screw-Loc Binder
    Vinyl Binders
1", 2", 3"
Filing Sections
    Geneva Products
Geneva Manufacturing, Inc. Products
are of the highest quality and workmanship.
Available in standard stock colors: White, Blue, Red, Black.
Spring-loaded filing ports and positive locking filing sections secure your material making Geneva Manufacturing, Inc. Catalog Racks the best in the business!
Call Counter Craft (800) 872-0216
All racks shown with 2" filing sections, 3 post.
Metal Tab Index Sets